Evelyn | Newborn Photography Tallahassee Florida

Evelyn | Newborn Photography Tallahassee Florida

newborn photography Tallahassee

I’m not sure if you could tell by my blog but newborn photography is my heart and soul.. hahaha I am not exactly sure what it is about new babies, but I am a sucker for them!! As a mom of three bundles of joys, I know just how fast they grow up. I wish there was a way to bottle up every ounce of my little one. I love everything about being a new mom! The nursing, the snuggling, and even the long nights. Now don’t get me wrong I lose my mind come 3-4am when I have still not gotten any sleep. But those 1-2am feedings when the entire house is quiet. It’s pure magic.

My paparazzo tendencies came from those first moments of motherhood. 11 years ago I had no clue what the last 11 years would have in store for me. I was just a first-time mom with this perfect little baby growing inside of me and I wanted to photograph every moment of this miracle. Little Evelyn reminded me so much of my first born. She LOVED being wrapped up. As soon as I swaddled her she zonked out and snuggled so sweetly. But as soon as I unwrapped her she was AWAKE!!! hahaha I had so much fun playing dress up with her and all my girly organic knits.

My newborn photography poses

There is something magic about newborn photography. As a photographer, I specialize in what is referred to as womb style newborn photography. I have spent the last 11 years snuggling and molding brand new babies into positions that mimic the snuggled poses in the womb. I recommend you book your newborn photo shoot while you are still pregnant. I have infants come in between 7-10 days old whenever possible. If your baby is older no worries I also offer older baby newborn sessions, but whenever possible the younger the better.

Knits & Tiebacks photography props by Devoted Knits

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