Dothan Alabama newborn photography

Dothan Alabama newborn photography

Dothan Alabama newborn photography is my heart and soul. Nothing is more presious to me than a brand new baby. As a newborn photographer it is my goal to photograph what is perfect and special about your new baby.

Weather permitting I love to take photograph nebworns outside. My photography studio has a 500sf newborn garden I planned just for my newborn photography. This way mom and dad can relax on my garden bench while I photograph their sweet baby, or can enjoy the AC in my studio if they prefer.

As a photographer it is so important to me to make sure my new moms are confortable. Im a mom of three myself so I understand how hard childbirth recovery can be. Your confort is my top pioriety.

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Maybe it is my years of infertiliety but I love everything about those first few weeks of a nebworns life. OK maybe not everything, recovering from a c-section is no cake walk. But that moment you get to hold your sweet new baby every ounce of pain is worth it.

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Infants grow and change so fast. I photograph all my newborn photography at 7-10 days old when possable. This way your sweet little baby is still super sleepy, and has not lost that nebworn look. Now I understand that is not always possable. If your baby was in the NICU or if time jsut slipped away from you no worries I do photograph older newborns. Just know its best to do newborn photos within the first two weeks when possable.

newborn photography outside Dothan Alabama

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I love being a Dothan photographer. I have meet and photographed so many amazing families over the last 11 years. Its crazy to me that the newborn babies I photographed the first year of busniess are now 5th and 6th graders. WOW talk about feeling old.. lol

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