Sweet baby Emma newborn photo | Tallahassee Florida Photographer

Sweet baby Emma newborn photo | Tallahassee Florida Photographer

Sweet baby Emma’s newborn photo

Is there anything as precious as a newborn photo? As a newborn photographer I might be a little partial. But I think its magical. Maybe its because of how fast the newborn stage passes. Maybe its because all those new mom hormones are in overdrive. But those first few weeks with your infant are magical.

My youngest is in the mist of potty training and will be 3 next month. Its safe to say I am 50% in total denial, and 50% suffering from BAD baby fever. How is it possible that my babies are growing so fast? I look at their newborn photos and I am so grateful I have these precious portraits that capture every tiny detail. As a newborn photographer I am so grateful I am able to photograph the same thing for so many moms every year.

Newborn Emma belongs to a fellow Tallahassee newborn photographer. And I was so excited to snuggle her at 3 weeks old. Emma had a rough first few weeks. At under 2 weeks old this poor thing had to have surgery to drain a clogged tear duct. But she was a little champ and is now doing 100% better! In total photographer child fashion she fought me for every pose. But I think it was just because she wanted to snuggle with me longer. haha I love this little girl and her momma.



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