Nothing is more magical than feeling your baby growing inside of you. Pregnancy is the hardest 9 months of your life, but also the most rewarding. As a mom, I have struggled with 7 years of infertility, and because of that, I know just how precious this time is in every pregnant woman's life. Maternity photography has a very special place in my heart. Pregnancy photos are all you have to look back on those incredible 9 months of pregnancy. 

My studio has over 50 maternity gowns available for all of my clients in every color and size. Regardless if you are a size 2-26 I have you covered. I love to hear when my clients have any maternity photo ideas, or if they want to use one of the many hand picked locations I have all over the Florida panhandle and wiregrass.

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Newborn photography is my specialty. There is something so spacial about a newborn baby, they are so fresh and new. I've been a newborn photographer for over 10 years now. During this time I have mastered newborn posing, and infant safety. I recommend that you schedule your newborn pictures at 7-10 days old while your sweet baby is still sleepy and snuggly. Newborn photos are the best way to freeze this special time in your life. Babies change and grow so fast. The last month of your pregnancy drags on, but the first month of your new babies life is gone in the blink of an eye. Maybe it is the lack of sleep but if it was not for my newborn pictures, I would not remember what my girls looked like as infants. The best time to book your newborn photoshoot is while you are still pregnant. Make sure to take a look at my newborn gallery for more details. 

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I love everything about baby photography! Those gummy smiles, chubby toes, and kissable cheeks. Being a baby photographer is a dream come true! I like to schedule baby pictures every 4-6 months to best fit milestones. For example newborn | 4 months | 8 months | 1 year or newborn | 6 months | 1 year is how I plan my grow with me plans (otherwise known as babies first year). Baby photos are so important to me. As a mom to 3 baby girls, I know just how fast time flies. I blinked and my first born is now 11 years old. Somedays I just cry because this time is going way to fast. I look back on their baby portraits and it makes me so happy knowing I have frozen their little chunky features forever. Make sure to come visit my baby gallery for more information about my baby portraits.

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My approach to child photography is all about getting to know your little one and photographing whatever is special about them. As a mom of three daughters, I know just how fast time flys, and how challenging most children are to photograph. I have found that the best way to capture the essence of a child is to create a fun and magical environment for them to explore as opposed to telling a child to sit and smile. I am more interested in capturing real laughter instead of fake smiles. I have a child gown collection for all my little princess clients from size 12 months to size 16. 

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Senior portraits are so special. It's the documentation of the last moments of childhood and the first moments of adulthood. Senior photos are all about showing off who you are. As a photographer I love the challenge to capture your unique personality and style. Senior photos are so much fun! I love to travel all over the Florida Panhandle, and south AL wiregrass area to find the perfect location for your portrait session. I recommend all seniors bring 3-4 outfit changes. Their are no rules! Just be you and lets have some fun!

Some of my favorite places in 30a is Rosemary Beach for the amazing architecture, seaside & watercolor for their downtown and garden. Santa Rosa Beach for Eden Gardens, and Pier park in Panama City beach for some fun colorful senior portraits. In the Wiregrass I LOVE downtown Dothan! The vintage brick, and ironwork creates the best texture. All over the Florida Panhandle I have different fields, creaks, and historic downtown locations to perfectly fit any style. 


I love being a family photographer! As a mom of 3 little girls myself I know just how fast time fly's and how quick your family changes. As a photographer I love to interact with babies and children of all ages to really pull out their unique personalities. For family photos I am more interested in real laughter and smiles then posed fake smiles. To do this I create an environment for your family to play and explore and photograph those real moments. I love tickle fights and playing tag. I keep my portrait session short to keep the little ones, and dads happy. It is important for me that every moment of your portrait experience is just as amazing as the final canvas that you hang on your wall. 


There is something special about engagement photography for me. Every session it brings me back to being a 19 year old so crazy in love with the world at my fingertips. Engagement photos are all about capturing your love and connection on film. It's the foundation of your life together. You will spend the next 50 years adding pages to this beautiful book called life. I love how engagement portraits have changed in the last 15 years. What use to be just a quick shot for a newspaper announcement. Has now turned into a special photo shoot to truly document your love. Every love story is different, and so is every couple. I love how some engagement sessions are full of jokes, and laughter, while others are full of soft snuggles, and sweet kisses. As an engagement photographer, I strive to truly capture your love in a photo. 

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Nothing is more special than being a wedding photographer. Over the last 10 years, I have been blessed to photograph hundreds of weddings, and it never gets old. I tear up during every father-daughter dance. I get butterflies before every first look. And I completely fall in love with every bride and groom.  As a wedding photographer, it is so important for me to connect with my brides and grooms. You will spend more time with your wedding photographer then anyone else on you're wedding day. Nothing is more important than capturing your wedding day exactly how it happened. I take a more photojournalistic approach to my wedding photos. I believe in capturing genuine moments and laughter, not creating fake moments. When you look back on you're wedding album I want every image to evoke a memory, not remind you of a staged photo.

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Come view the world through my lens:

The girl behind the lens:

Growing up, I was always involved in some creative outlet; from performing on stage, to my job as a local artist’s assistant. As I grew up, my love for the arts matured, and it was only natural that my love of photography developed.

10 years ago I had a camera and a little dream; Is amazing to see what God grew out of it. I am a small town girl with a big heart. I skip to the beat of my own drum, and love to embrace my artist heart. I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, but most importantly I am just me.