Newborn Baby

Newborn Baby

Nothing is sweeter than newborn baby snuggles! This sweet girl was an absolute dream to photograph. She was so adorable and her family is beautiful!

Doing newborn portraits in the gardens in Tallahassee is one of my favorite things! They are gorgeous and well-kept. The flowers and grass make for amazing backdrops for photographs.

This little angel was so good for me, letting me swaddle her in the soft blankets and put her in the baskets. I loved her tiny face! ?

One of the best things about newborn baby photography is how squishy and sleepy they are. Their little noses are so cute!

When moms let me include them in the portraits, I jump at the chance to get them in front of the camera! I encourage them to do this because it is such a special time with baby. Seriously, how many pictures do we moms let others take of us? If you trust me to capture your beautiful self, I promise you will like the photographs.

It is such a joy to include both the parents and siblings in newborn sessions as well. Getting dads and siblings to smiles is always fun! I make silly faces at the kids to make them laugh. One of the best things about being a newborn photographer is getting to interact with kids. I enjoy getting to know the families a bit during sessions.

Being a Tallahassee newborn photographer has a lot of perks and one of my favorites is getting to see how much families love one another. The bond between parents and their newborn is so precious.

To see more of my newborn photographs, visit my newborn page.

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