Watercolor Florida beach photographer

Watercolor Florida was founded in 2002, and is designed with southern costal elegance in mind. Watercolor inn and resort has large rooms, and stunning decor. Or you can rent one of the many elegant coastal beach houses if you want more space. What makes Watercolor so special to me is the gardens with flower lined paths, and soothing water features. My clients come to Watercolor beach year after year for relaxing family time along our beautiful beaches.

It’s no surprise as a beach photographer that Watercolor is one of my favorite beach locations on 30a. I offer beach and garden photography for families | seniors | maternity | engagement all around Watercolor. You can choose to do 100% of your session on the beach, in the garden, or a mixture of both.

Watercolor Florida Beach Photography

I love everything about being a watercolor beach photographer! I was born and raised on a island in the FL Keys so I have salt water in my veins. Nowhere else to I feel more relaxed then having my toes in the sand, the salty air in my hair, and the warm Florida sun on my face. It

collection of family photos taken on the beach in watercolor Florida

Watercolor Gardens are perfect for portraits

Now while the beach definitely is the spot light for any vacation down on 30a, what makes watercolor so amazing is the beautiful gardens, and flower garden pathways.   All the houses have a formal coastal design, with lots of lush coastal greenery. With brick roadways, and crisp clean white fencing everywhere you look its relaxing and beautiful. Watercolor has these amazing trees I have never seen anywhere else, I call them knotty trees because the limbs twist and turn.

family portraits taken in watercolor garden by Nicole Everson Photography

When to book your Watercolor Florida Photoshoot?

The best time to book your photography session is right after you book your house rental. Booking early ensures I will have availability in my schedule. If you are already in town, or are about to head this way fill out my contact form, I will do everything I can to fit you in.

When is the best time for your Watercolor beach photography session?

Sessions are held at sunrise or sunset for dreamy beach lighting. During the beginning of your vacation. This way you do not have to worry about sunburn, and if we get rained out, we have some flexibility to reschedule before the end of your vacation.

Sunrise sessions are great during the summer because they are about 20 degrees cooler, and also great for little babies who tend to be cranky in the evening. Plus its wonderful to have the beach to ourselves. Sunset sessions are amazing during the cooler months, or if we are photographing older kids, and adults. I offer both sunrise and sunset sessions year around, so you get to pick what is the best first for your family.


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