Watercolor Florida Family Photographer

Watercolor Florida Family Photographer

I love being a Watercolor Florida family photographer. Everyone who has ever been to Watercolor Inn abs resort will tell you that it’s not just a vacation but a way of life. Their is no need for a car or electronics. You get to take a step back in time. Slow down a little. And enjoy your surroundings on a bicycle.

I love getting to meet new families every year who are down on their beach vacation. And seeing my special families year after year as their children grow. This family touched me expressly this year. Grandpa is battling cancer. Therefore his wish was a huge family vacation with everyone he loves. I was so honored when they picked me to document their large and fun family. Grandpa really touched me with his spirit. Grandpa is one blessed man to be surrounded by so many amazing people who love him dearly. That’s what family is all about.

Thereforethis year they decided to stay off the beach and watercolor gardens and have their session right around the beautiful home the family rented for the week. I found this amazing pond behind their house and we had a blast.. Lots of tickle fights, lots of snuggles. And even a break to feed the baby. That’s how we roll.. Ha ha ha I believe the experience of getting your family portraits done should be just as important as the final portrait you hang in your wall. Life is all about experiences. Let’s experience it together!

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