Kolsen | Dothan newborn photography

Kolsen | Dothan newborn photography

Dothan newborn pictures

Reason #977 why I love offering Dothan newborn pictures. I mean come on look how cute this sweet baby girl is!!! Kolsen came to my studio last week at just 7 days old for lots of snuggles. And lots and lots of kisses from big sister.

I first meet Layne (Kolsen’s momma) when I did her big sister’s newborn pictures two years ago. 1st off I cannot believe it has already been two years because. I’m convinced I have not aged a single day!!! And second I am so completely honored and touched that so many of my clients come back year after year, and baby after baby.

Dothan newborn pictures

I’m a mother of three little girls so my heart always melts a little extra when I get to photograph a brand new baby girl. I remember sitting in my rocking chair too sore to move an inch from my c-section. But I could not have been any happier.  I would sit there for hours and trace every square inch of my babies. the curve of their ears. the peach fuzz on their shoulders. Trying my best to record every tiny detail for my exhausted brain to remember. If you would have asked me then I would have told you I could never forget a single moment of this precious time. But the sad truth is I remember very little.

My oldest daughter is now 11 years old and without her newborn photos to remind me all I can remember is she had suppppper white hair. I had forgotten that her left ear was squished from being in my belly. I forgot that she had zero eyebrows and eyelashes. Every baby photograph evokes a memory that is long hidden in my brain. And let’s be real honest I remember even less of my 2nd and 3rd child.

I love Dothan newborn photography. But more importantly, I am a mom who understands just how precious this time is in your life. And how much you will cherish every single photograph as the years go on.

Do you love these newborn props as much as I do??? My girl Trae always makes the best knits!!!

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  1. Oh this session is breathtaking!  I love the colors, beautiful baby and perfect captures of this gorgeous baby!  

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