Tallahassee FL Wedding Photographer

Tallahassee FL Wedding Photographer

Tallahassee FL Wedding Photographer

As a Tallahassee FL Wedding Photographer I specialize in capturing the love connection every couple shares! My approach to wedding photography is to create an environment where you feel comfortable to be yourself and express your love! During couple formals I will place you in beautiful light, and then have yall interact to create the emotion I want to capture. I have a Strong conviction about not creating fake images, but capturing real emotions during genuine moments.

As a photographer I am a total people watcher! During your wedding I am the fly on the wall and you will be surprised what I am able to capture because no one realizes a camera is pointing at them. OK so I’m totally not a stalker like that just sounded!

But we cannot forget about the wedding details! You spend months and sometimes years planning out every single detail for your wedding. I LOVE all the different wedding decorations. And everything that brides and grooms put into their wedding. Every detail of your wedding is treated as a special client that needs special attention.

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