Rosemary beach photographers

rosemary beach photographers

I love being a rosemary beach photographers! Rosemary beach has the best atmosphere, and the best people! Some clients want to spend their entire session in Rosemary beach, others want it around down town Rosemary, and others want a mixture of both. Either way I love it all.

This beautiful momma was one of my favorite clients of the summer. As I was walking here through the process of what to expect during a beach photo shoot she said I 100% trust you. Just capture my family exactly as we are!

rosemary beach photographers

Rosemary beach is stunning! We have the prettiest sand dunes, and the best ocean. Anyway it can range from emerald green to deep blue. Its always such a fun surprise to see what color we will get for every session!

Over the last 14 years I have had a lot of experience working with lots of children. From super shy, to extra wild, and even special needs children. This experience has helped me learn how to read your child, and know how to do everything I can to try to get smiles, or eye contact without overwhelming or over stimulating some children. Let’s be honest the dads are the hard ones, not the kids!! haha and with them all it takes is a few jokes, and they love me.

I just adore this sweet family, and I am so glad I had to chance to meet them and photograph their family beach portraits.

I loved this session so much I way overshot it!! but I had to share them all with you. I truly have the best job ever playing with kids down at the beach.

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