Eboni | pregnancy photos

Eboni | pregnancy photos

Pregnancy Photos

What would your dream pregnancy photos look like?  In a garden surrounded by old oak tress dripping with Spanish moss? Maybe sunrise on the beach with your toes in the waves? Or maybe you are like me and love your small town, and want to pay tribute to roots.

I love that in my tiny town of Chipley Florida we have 2 out of 3 of my favorite places to photo shoot. Eboni was a model for a 2:1 mentoring of photography I taught a few weeks ago and we had a blast visiting a few of my favorite places around town.

Eboni has a spirit about her that shines so bright! Within 10 minutes of meeting her I knew she was special. She is just a few weeks away from welcoming her sweet baby girl into this world, and I cannot wait to see her sweet face. I know she will be just as beautiful as her momma.


Come view more of my maternity photography


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  • julie wagnerJune 12, 2017 – 9:27 pm

    I absolutely adore this session girl! 

  • JulesJune 12, 2017 – 9:41 pm

    This is another gorgeous display of your work girl 

  • JoshJune 15, 2017 – 5:42 pm


  • JoshJune 15, 2017 – 5:44 pm

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  • HopeJune 27, 2017 – 11:01 am

    Mama is gorgeous and these locations are spectacular!

  • TiffanyJune 27, 2017 – 12:44 pm

    Holy Goodness!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! 

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