Freeze this time in your life in a photograph | Tallahassee Florida

freeze this time in your life in a photograph | Tallahassee Florida

Photograph | Nicole Everson Photography

Capturing a moment in a photograph is something I cannot put into words. It might seem silly to some but it was not until I picked up a camera and started looking at the world through my lens did I really discover who I was.  10 years ago when I opened up Nicole Everson Photography I had NO CLUE what was in store for my little dream. All I wanted to do was take a few pictures and meet a few local people. In the last 10 years I have had the pleasure of photographing thousands of clients, and making more friends than I can count.

When I was growing up in the beautiful FL Keys I was the total oddball in my family. My parents and siblings are all very type A, and here I was this free spirit. I was a total Punky Bruster in every way. So of course I often felt misunderstood, and tried for the first 25 years of my life to “fit in” or “tame the beast” hahaha Being a child photographer it allows me to let that inner wild child out and play.

Remember being a little girl watching Disney and ALL I wanted was a big princess dress! I wanted so bad to be a Disney princess. I would make believe that I was the little mermaid in the bathtub every night!! Now as an adult I LOVE to buy princess dresses for my daughters and clients! I have 35+ different princess gowns in different colors and sizes for my little clients to be a princess for a day!

With three daughters of my own, I was especially pumped for this session. Girls are so special and the bond between sisters is intricate and everlasting. And who doesn’t love a good dress-up session? I loved pulling out these gorgeous gowns and flower wreaths for these girls and letting them have a ball in God’s own perfect setting. Thanks for sharing every giggle with me!

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