niceville newborn photos

I love my Niceville clients! I am not sure what it is, but they are always the sweetest, and have the cutest babies!!! This Niceville momma wanted a mixture of flowers, and studio shots, so she came over to my Santa Rosa Beach studio for her newborn portraits.

We started her newborn session out at a local garden full of Spring flowers. Little miss LOVED being wrapped in my soft knit wraps.

Niceville newborn photographer. Newborn baby wearing a knit outfit. Newborn baby girl in a flower patch.

Look at all this glorious long black newborn hair!! All my babies came out as toe heads, but this sweet baby girl had the best hair and she had the best lips!

Niceville newborn photographer. Newborn baby girl in a flower patch. Newborn in knit outfit. Nicole Everson Photography.

This newborn’s sleepy little faces MELT ME. Her perfect little fingers and toes were so adorable. I absolutely just wanted to snuggle her all day. These portraits were some of my favorites. I love posing babies in baskets with the soft knits around them.

Newborn flower photographer. Newborn baby girl wrapped in lilac knit. Newborn photography.

It was still early Spring, but this little princess loved all my soft and warm knit. She slept like a baby! Well, let’s be real-she slept like a daddy! She was snuggly in the knits I put her in. She loved being swaddled.

Santa Rosa Beach newborn photographer. Nicole Everson Photography.
Niceville studio newborn photographer. Newborn baby girl sleeping, wrapped in white knits.

In my Santa Rosa Beach studio, I had the heater up nice and warm so baby girl was toasty. We were able to get some skin newborn portraits. This Niceville baby was so sweet for me and posing her was not a problem. I enjoy posing newborns in ways that focus on their little faces and their fingers and toes. This Niceville mama loved the portraits of her sweet baby girl and the poses I did.

Niceville newborn photographer. Nicole Everson Photography.

OH MY GOODNESS did you see that newborn smile?!? Oh this baby girl just melted me with her sweet faces!

Smiling newborn. Niceville newborn photography. Nicole Everson Photography.
Niceville baby photographer. Newborn baby girl portraits. Nicole Everson Photography.

This sweet little bundle had me in a tizzy with how adorable she was! I could not get enough of her sweet face and her calm little self.

Newborn photographer near me. Newborn portraits.

In my 13 years as a newborn photographer, I have loved many clients. My Niceville clients are dear to me. I love the accessibility of the locations of my studios. My Santa Rosa studio, my Chipley studio, and my Tallahassee studio are pretty centrally located and within comfortable driving distance to most of the Panhandle.

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