Newborn Photographer Tallahassee FL

Newborn Photographer Tallahassee FL

Newborn Photographer Tallahassee Florida

One of the best parts about being a newborn photographer in Tallahassee Florida is all the GORGEOUS locations we have right here in Tallahassee!!! I have been blessed to travel to several places in America to teach photography, and Tallahassee is one of my favorite places to shoot. Watercolor/Seaside might be a close second, but Tally has my heart.

Because we have such amazing weather and locations I love taking every newborn outside for every session, weather permitting. And I love it when moms request their entire newborn session outside! With our FL weather, I can photograph newborns outside 10 months out of the year!


I LOVE photographing newborns babies outside! Tallahassee has so many amazing locations all around town for a newborn photoshoot. Do you want a studio or outside newborn session or a mixture of both? This amazing momma opted for both for her newborn portraits and I could have not been happier! This sweet baby girl was a total rockstar for her newborn pictures. At 7 days old she was super sleepy, and super cuddly. I loved snuggling with her during her portrait session. So we took advantage of my studio’s beautiful gardens I have planted just for my sweet newborns!!


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7 thoughts on “Newborn Photographer Tallahassee FL”

  1. Love the colors here.. and 10 months out of the year! I’m coming to Tallahassee ? Beautiful newborn photography as always!

  2. I also have that prop.  Such a great idea to do a bum up pose on that one, never thought of it.  Super adorable image.  Inspires me to take my newborns outside of my studio and shoot in my flower garden area, too. 

  3. Lovely baby girl!  So fun that you can shoot both indoors and outdoors.  I wish that was possible in my city.

  4. Sweet little angel. This newborn session is gorgeous. I am sure parents so happy to have these beautifull photos both outdoor snd in studio

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