My Little Monkey | Life By Lens

SO this months Life by lens totally snuck up on me..  Lets be honest between kids, church and the business I have very little time to do much of anything extra!!!! But a few days ago I took Madelyn out to get her 13 month portraits, and lets just say she was a turkey!!!!!!! My poor kid hates grass!! haha it just cracks me up how she will freak out the second we set her down!! now in ALL of these shots she has a reflector AND a jacket under her so she is not touching the grass AT ALL, but she is still in total panic mode.. haha she is a true photographers child!!! I never had time to take Abigail out so hopefully yall will not judge me to harshly that I only photographed one of my children.. :/ #momfail  But luckily I never shared pictures of Abigail’s first day of school!!!!! SCORE!!!!!!!!! Neither one of my turkeys like to have their picture taken!!! STINKERS!!!




Now that you have seen a little bit of the craziness I deal with every time I try to take my kids portraits!!!! Now head over to JoAnna Robbins Photography and see what she has up her sleeve!!!


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