Maternity photography Tallahassee

maternity photography Tallahassee

maternity photography Tallahassee


One of the most amazing things about maternity photography Tallahassee is the breathtaking scenery. While adventuring in the parks and edges of Tally, this beautiful mother to be and I found an incredible creek.

Being a photographer has kept me on my toes as every session is an adventure. The coolest thing about maternity photography is that all moms are different. They all have different curves and favorite colors. I love the challenge to find the perfect location that matches my client and frames their body perfectly.

These photos even though might look very well put together, are very spontaneous and found on the spot. I love the genuine look a mother gives me in such a peaceful area. This mother was stunning pregnant and we had so much fun scouting photography locations to capture such a beautiful stage of her pregnancy.

If it weren’t for my amazing clients, I would not have had as many great memories in new places. After photographing maternity photography Tallahassee I have more places I can take my family to explore. This creek was so peaceful and beautiful, just like this sweet and precious mother.

maternity photography is special to me

As a photographer, it is so important to me to make sure my pregnant clients look and feel as amazing as I think they look. As a mom to three little girls, I remember all too well how uncomfortable and swollen I felt at the end of my pregnancies. the worst part is that I could never find anything that I felt good wearing. It’s because of this that I have spent the last eleven years growing a maternity gown collection of 50+ maternity dresses of every size and modesty standard for my clients to use. I want these women to feel like the goddesses they are. To view more of my pregnancy dress collection come visit my maternity portfolio page.


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