Lifestyle Family Photographer Tallahassee Florida

Lifestyle Family Photographer Tallahassee Florida

Lifestyle Family Photographer Tallahassee Florida

Being a lifestyle family photographer is so fun! What a true way to capture your family then have a day in the life session to capture your natural family connection. This mamma wanted just that. I had so much fun spending a few hours at her home playing with the boys, and watching them play in their natural element!

If you’re looking for family portraits but are not sure why type of session you want here are a few suggestions to help you pick the best session suited for your family. As a photographer I offer both formal posed family portraits. More casual candid family portraits. And of course lifestyle family portraits. Or a mixture of both!

My normal family photo shoot is a mixture of formal poses and candid family portraits. I always start by posing your family in the best lighting, and the most flattering poses. Then once I get the shots of everyone looking at the camera smiling. Then we move on to tickle fights, and other fun games that will capture a more candid side of your family. This is what most clients opt for.

The other type of family portraits to think about it Lifestyle.  For lifestyle we will spend some time talking about you and your family and what is special to you. And I will photograph you in this special place. This can be your home. Maybe at a flower nursery picking flowers for your garden. Maybe at your favorite ice cream pallor. Or even at your special park. Anywhere around Tallahassee. It does not have to be someplace fancy, just somewhere special to you. The goal of a lifestyle session is to capture your family in your element having fun and being you.

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