Florida Baby Photographer

Florida Baby Photographer

As a Florida Baby Photographer I take my job very seriously.

There is so much more then just providing a beautiful portrait of these sweet babies. Safely is a HUGE part of my business. And I take several safety precarious to ensure your baby stays safe. I shoot a lot with beautiful vintage barn wood, or antique photography props. And with old wood we have to watch for splinters so I always have something under your baby to protect her delicate skin.

I always have a assistant or spotter within arms reach of your baby at all times to keep them safe. And most importantly I have a strict no sick policy for all sessions. Also I have a OCD sanitizing routine to insure my studio and props are all germ free. As a mom to three girls myself I understand just how important safety is. And I will always go above and beyond to make sure your babies are taken well care of.

Sweet baby girl you melt me!!! Because of you 6-8 month portrait sessions have to be my favorite baby age!! Lila never disappoints with those amazing blue eyes, and those chunky cheeks!! I love that her 8 month session was right at Christmas so we had to get a few Christmas portraits for her!!  I always get so excited when I see her mamas name on my calendar. Mandy has become a dear friend to me, and we always chat for way to long after sessions just catching up.


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