Family portraits Tallahassee, FL

family portraits Tallahassee, FL

family portraits Tallahassee, FL

It’s that time again!! Time for some updated family pictures! Fall is in the air. Here in Tallahassee, Florida our Fall comes a little later, but I love our mild fall weather! Family photography is something I love! Most moms tell me that dads hate pictures or that their kids are wild. But I LOVE these challenges! There is NOTHING I will not do to make your husband and kids laugh.. As a mom to 3 kids I am all about doing whatever it takes to have fun and get the perfect shot.

My family sessions are not long and drawn out. Most family sessions are finished in 45 minutes! Some as fast as 30 minutes! Because of the way I structure my family portrait session’s dads love me, and love that I keep things light and fun.

The question is.. How long has it been since you have been in a picture?

I always love to catch up with some of my favorite families. I loved capturing this family, their little girls are adorable and their laughter is infectious! The light was perfect for their session, I am so grateful my job allows me to capture these special moments forever.

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