Elle | Dothan AL Baby Photographer

Elle | Dothan AL Baby Photographer

Elle, is one of my favorite babies to photograph, I was just about to blog her 8 month session I just photographed, but then realized I have never blogged her 4 month session!! Lol I had 2 New Year’s resolutions, one was to loose 150lbs (1/2 way there baby!!!!) and to be better about posting on my blog.. lol I’m glad to say I am doing pretty darn good with both, but with the amount of sessions I do every year it is imposable to post all of them.. But I just had to share this sweet little thing.. At just 4 months old she was sitting quite well! Abigail was like this as well, she starting sitting up at 4 months, and was able to sit up for over an hour without falling (yes my daughter is AMAZING!!! Lol) ANYWHO I love this family, they are so kind, and are so great with Elle… and let me tell you her daddy can make her smile! Her smiles are so big they light up the entire room… ahhh can you tell I have baby fever!

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