Destin Newborn Photos

Destin Newborn Photos

Destin Newborn Photos/Nicole Everson Photography

I love taking Destin newborn photos because the locations for the sessions are amazing and the babies are absolutely adorable! This little one was a joy to photograph. She slept through the entire session, which made my job a dream! I could not get enough of her little button nose and her adorable chubby cheeks. She had the best snuggles and her parents were so sweet! This family was wonderful to work with. 

When doing newborn portraits, one of my goals is to capture mom and dad with baby. I love it when my clients trust me to get photographs of special, snuggly moments with their newborn. There is something precious about catching those tender embraces as a family during one of the first couple of weeks of baby’s life. Usually, I suggest that babies are under two weeks old because they are still sleepy and snuggly. If your baby is a little bit older though, don’t worry. We can figure out how to make the session a beautiful time and I can get some portraits of your adorable little one.

One of my favorite things about newborn photographs is the different posing I get to do. Over the past 13 years, I have learned so much about the different poses I can do when taking newborn portraits. With four kids of my own, I am sure to be very careful with how I handle the little ones’ arms and legs. Their little hands and feet are some of my favorite features to highlight while shooting newborn photographs. I make sure to pose them so you can see their little pouty lips and cheeks as well. Their sleepy little faces are just the best!

Destin newborn photos in my studio are an absolute delight! I have a wide variety of backdrops that are gorgeous and soft blankets that are perfect for swaddling babies. I love all of the textures and hues of the selection I have. All of the colors and textures make me so happy! I enjoy putting them together to create beautiful combination for sessions. My studio is just a few blocks from the ocean, so I also give clients the option to go to the beautiful beaches or the vibrant gardens close by. The studio in Destin is honestly an ideal location if you are looking for different scenery during the session.

As a mom of four kids, I cherish the portraits I have of my kids as tiny newborns. I love seeing portraits of my kids hanging around our home. One of my goals as a newborn photographer is to give your family portraits of your precious baby that you will cherish for many years to come.

Over the past 13 years as a photographer, it has been my joy to photograph so many babies. I have loved every snuggle and every sleeping little smile. Newborn portraits are one of my very favorite things about my job and I would not trade it for the world!

If you are an expecting mom and are interested in having newborn portraits taken, you can contact me and we can get a date and time set up. I’d love to work with you and give you gorgeous portraits of your sweet little one! To see more of my baby portraits, you can visit my baby page.

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