Destin Beach Florida newborn baby photos

Destin Beach Florida newborn baby photos

newborn baby photos

I love everything about newborn baby photos. The first few weeks of a newborns life is pure magic. As a mom you spend 9 months of pregnancy planning for your life to change, but no matter how much you plan you can never imagine how much a 7lb newborn can chance everything. I remember being pregnant with my first daughter and I prepared the nursery. We washed and hung up all her perfectly coordinating newborn outfits. I packed an extra emergency diaper bag. But that moment the nurse handed us the discharge papers from the hospital a wave of pure panic ran over me.

I knew all 9 months of planning was nothing compared to the change that had happened in my heart. I remember the first month of Abigial’s life our TV was never turned on. Frank and I would just sit there and watch our little musical sleep. But the biggest thing I could never plan for was just how FAST the newborn stage would fly by. Now 10 years later those newborn days are a foggy memory. But her newborn baby photos are my most prized possession. Its this reason that I focus my photography business on newborn photography.

I know just how special theses portraits are, and it is so important to me to make sure your new baby is photographed safely and beautifully. This sweet baby boy melted every ounce of my heart. He was a total rockstar during his newborn portraits.

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