Tallahassee Florida maternity photos

maternity photos


My favorite thing about maternity photos is showing a woman how beautiful she is. I cannot tell you how many times a mom to be will say. I want to do maternity portraits but I’m not sure. I’m don’t feel pretty, or I’m so fat.

GIRLLLLLL we are all sexy as can be. Its all about wearing the right maternity gown, and hiring the photographer who understands a pregnant woman’s curves.

This beautiful momma is pregnant with her 4th little baby and she felt so insecure at the beginning of her session. After a few jokes, she relaxed and magic happened.

To view more of my work visit: Nicole Everson Photography | Maternity

Tallahassee maternity photography by Nicole Everson Photography

maternity photos

Maternity photos are something that I didn’t always love to take, but after one session with a beautiful mama to be 5 years ago, that all changed! I love working with anyone who let’s me be creative and trusts me to show off how beautiful they are. this momma to be is a natural beauty and it was such a treat to work with her during this session. There is something so special about a pregnant woman and I was so glad to capture her elegance during this time in her life.

When a client completely trusts me as a maternity photographer amazing things happen. She was so stunning she stopped traffic! hahahaha

(safety alert) This momma was never jaywalking or breaking any laws. Safety is ALWAYS my top priority and these were taking in a crosswalk, with 2 spotters making sure traffic was following their laws. please do not attempt these types of shots unless you are trained in traffic safety.

best maternity photos in Tallahassee

These amazing gowns are from the crazy amazing and talented ladies at Sew Trendy I am blessed to have a collection of over 50 maternity gowns in every style and size for pregnant momma for you to choose from for your maternity photos.

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