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Its my birthday and I will cry if I want to! Haha! This little man has a special place in my heart.. He first came to me when he was a TINY little 5lb baby, and I have loved watching him grow the last year.. He was not as excited to see me as I was to see him for his 1 year old session, but the testimonial his momma sent me after she received her order just melted my heart.. I have the BEST job EVER!!


There are moments in life that words could never express—precious memories that no amount of verbage could ever capture.  As a mommy, I never realized how true the old saying is, that a picture is worth 1000 words.  Nicole has an amazing ability to capture life’s most beautiful moments in such a way that you relive the beauty with every shot she takes.  The pictures that Nicole has captured of my precious baby boy are priceless masterpieces that speak more than 1000 words. They capture my life’s most valued treasure and ensure that those memories can never fade.  Before I was pregnant I knew that I wanted to find somebody to take newborn pics that would mimick the many beautiful photo ideas that I had come across while searching new mommy websites.  I can proudly say that Nicole outdid my wildest imaginations.  Her photography style is unmatched and her patience with my teeny 5 lb baby was phenomenal.  She went above and beyond to make sure she captured him just exactly as he was.  Now, she has done it again!!!  My little guy has a ton of personality and she took the time to ensure that his one year photos captured every last drop of it.  He was cranky and difficult that day and she captured the glorious uniqueness of it all and flawlessly produced his “Braden-ness” with astounding ease.  She patiently worked with him and that is not a quality that you will find easy in a photographer.  I cannot thank Nicole enough for the amazing work she does and the personal attention she gives to us as clients.  I would recommend Nicole over and over again and can guarantee, from personal experience, that you will leave your session and be ready to plan your next one before you hit the door!!! Nicole gets 6 thumbs up from my little family of three!


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