Stephanie & Bobby

Stephanie & Bobby

Words cannot describe the magic of this special day. I have never before been so moved, as I was to witness the miracle of this wedding. Stephanie has been battling a lot of very bad health issues, and they had to postpone their wedding last year. I was over joyed to hear that they were able to reschedule, and I was honored to be apart of their love story. Even though They did not get the fall wedding they originally planed, they still gave Stephanie her dream wedding full of sunflowers, with lots of laughter, and surrounded by friends and family. it was truly a amazing day, that will stay with me forever..

2 thoughts on “Stephanie & Bobby”

  1. I think this is the happiest couple I’ve ever seen!!!! They look like there is nowhere else they’d rather be!! I love how he looks like he doesn’t care who else is around all he’s worried about is her. LOVE IT!!

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