Santa Rosa beach newborn photos

Santa Rosa beach newborn photos

Santa Rosa beach newborn photos

Is anything more amazing Santa Rosa beach newborn photos? I have to say I think I have the best job ever getting to snuggle little newborn babies just a few days old.

Meet 10 day old baby boy. I had so much fun photographing his newborn portraits on Santa Rosa beach. His moms love the beach, and so I was so glad we had a warm winter day we could sneak down to the beach. Only in FL can you photograph a naked baby on the beach on a warm winter day!

My studio is located in Santa Rosa beach. So after we had fun doing newborn beach photos we headed to the studio for the rest of baby boys session. Mom is a doctor so I had so much fun picking her brain and getting to know more about her daily life.

Mom requested a mixture of grey | white | brown for the studio portrait of her newborn session, and I have to admit I LOVE neutrals on babies.

I love every tiny detail on a newborn. From the peach fuzz on their face and shoulder, to their tiny little fingers and toes. I love it when moms request detail shots. It is such a fun way to capture every tiny detail.

Oh my stars… I about melted when he smiled for me. A smiling newborn is gold for any newborn photographer! Im just going to say he loved me..

Its hard for me to pick a favorite setup from his newborn portraits! I am obsessed with his beach newborn photos, but I also love how cute and snuggly he is in the studio. This is why I love offering both beach, garden and studio newborn photos so moms can get a variety of both.

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