Sanders Family | Lynn Haven Florida Photography

Sanders Family | Lynn Haven Florida Photography

Photographing the Sanders Family was amazing!!! Every photographer will tell you that we just LOVE a challenge. So when I was asked to photograph 30+ people for a large 5 generational portrait I got all excited!!! I LOVE photographing large groups. The family decided they wanted to be somewhere special for the occasion. So a few days after Christmas we headed out to their granddaddies farm with his big ole tractor and had lots of fun.

Everyone was dressed in beautiful colors that complimented our setting. However, some of us were freezing our butts off (Yes I am sad to say I totally forgot my jacket! I was out there in 30 degree weather in a light sweater!!! Oh my momma would have whooped my tail…lol), but the light was so yummy it made it all worth it. It might have been freezing, but everyone toughed it out and we were able to get some great shots.

IMG_7594 IMG_7429

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