Holly & Sasha | Panama City Beach Wedding Photography

Holly & Sasha | Panama City Beach Wedding Photography

Beach Wedding | Holly & Sasha

Holly and Sasha’s beach wedding was such a blast to shoot. Panama City Beach is just a gorgeous place!!! It brings happiness to my soul to get to be there. To witness two amazing people come together, so they can start the rest of their lives!!! Holly has the purest heart of any bride I have ever met!!! Which was no surprise once I met her family. They were a wonderful group of people, and they had me cracking up the entire day!!! It was an added emotion to all the love and joy that was swirling in the air! As a photographer I feel so honored that they picked me to capture the most important day in their life as a couple.

Holly and Sasha, your wedding was beautiful, and I know the love you two share will grow and grow in the years to come!!! Continue to love each other and remember your commitment to each other, and I cannot wait to get the call that you are adding to your family, so I can capture those precious moments of your growing life as well. May God bless you both!!!

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