Sweet newborn pictures in Fort Walton Beach Florida

Sweet newborn pictures in Fort Walton Beach Florida

newborn pictures

One of the biggest choices you will make as a new mom is who will take your newborn pictures. New babies grow and change so fast it is so important to make sure you get your little ones photographed while they are still fresh and new! I have been photographing newborns for the last ten years. And I count it such a honor that hundreds of mothers have picked me to photograph this special times in their lives.

As a photographer many things inspire me. But what drives me as an artiest is freezing a special moment in time. Newborns are so delicate, so precious. These little blessings change our lives in ways words cannot describe. From the first moment you find out your pregnant you life is forever changed. The memories of the newborn stage is fleeting. I am not sure if it is the lack of sleep or just mommy brain but all I can remember of the first few weeks of my daughters life is that amazing new baby smell, and long sleepless nights. I think this is the reason why newborn photography is so near to my heart.

Outside newborn photography Fort Walton Beach Florida

One of my favorite locations for newborn photography Fort Walton Beach Florida! My newborn studio is located right next door in Shalimar Florida. This gives my moms the choice between a all outside newborn photography, for beach newborn pictures, or garden newborn pictures, newborn studio portraits, or a mixture of both.

This 10 day old baby boy was as sweet as can be. His momma requested all green and grey so I had a lot of fun snuggling with him.


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