Sweet newborn boy pictures by Nicole Everson Photography

Sweet newborn boy pictures by Nicole Everson Photography

Little Will newborn boy pictures

Who does not love little newborn boy pictures? I built my nebworn photography career specalising in baby boy newborn photography. Its honeslty funny how it all happened because I am a mom of three daughters. But I was convinced I would have boys so I kept buying baby boy nebworn props while we were trying to get pregnant, and before I knew it I had a studio full of adorable boy props! But I am so glad it happeend this way because every mom who comes into my studio is always so excited I have something for both baby girls and baby boys.

Little Will was so great to work with, I loved getting to snuggle with him during his newborn session! He’s such a cutie and so loved by his whole family. This kiddo stole my heart, I could just eat him up (but I won’t)! I asked momma if I could keep him. But for some reason she told me no… Im sure she will rethink that at 3am.. ha ha ha


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