Margart | firefighter newborn pictures

Margart | firefighter newborn pictures

firefighter newborn pictures


Nothing is cooler then firefighter newborn pictures! I mean come on what is better then having your daddy be your biggest hero? We first meet Sara & Brandon when they hired me to photograph their wedding six years ago. I fell in love with them 10 minioutes into their bridal consult! Sara is a school teacher, and Brandon is a firefighter and owns his own lawn care busniess. Both have hearts of gold and just happen to go to the same church as my family (dubble score). A few years later Big brother Bradley came to visit me for his newborn portraits. 9 months ago when they announced they were expecting again I was overjoyed for them! I told Sara is she could have a redhead baby girl for me then I would be in heaven! It became our little joke till suprise sweet baby Margart has her moms amazing red hair!!!

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