Eufaula Alabama Newborn Photographer

Eufaula Alabama Newborn Photographer

Eufaula Alabama

Eufaula Alabama makes some of the cutest babies, and the older I get a few things become more and more clear to me. One of the biggest things I have come to know is just how special every moment of our children’s lives are. With my first born I was in such a rush. I pushed her to sit up. We introduced table food early. She was a early talker. An early walker. I was so focused on making sure she was on track. Or going faster then the other babies around her.

Then we had four and a half years of infertility. When we were blessed with your second daughter I did everything I could to hold her back. This poor baby!!! I would pick her up when she got on her hands and knees, because I was not ready to allow her to crawl…lol Now we have been blessed with our third. The biggest thing I have realized is that I just have to enjoy every moment.

I am so blessed as a newborn photographer to be able to freeze these moments in time. It is hard to believe just how fast these little ones change. In the one week between this little ones photo shoot, and her ordering appointment, she had already gotten so much bigger!!! This little chunky monkey was so good for me, and had the sweetest sugar. I could have snuggled her all day long, but big brother would only let me snuggle her for a few hrs.. lol


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