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I love having the opportunity to meet gorgeous babies like these twins as a Destin newborn photographer! This snuggly set of newborns are a miracle. Mom and dad struggled with infertility and then, after a loss, they were blessed by a surrogacy. The rainbow headband baby girl is wearing is for the big sibling they lost.

Newborn twins wrapped in tan blankets at Nicole Everson Photography, Destin Newborn Photographer.

I cannot get over how adorable these newborn babies were. Their little just-over-five-pound peanuts were fun to photograph! Brother and sister’s button noses and tiny fingers melted any heart.

Newborn baby girl wearing a pink flower headband and lace pants.

Sister was so cute in the lace pants and pink flower headband. I could just squish her little cheeks! She was an angel face during this shot and I could not get enough of her sleepy, newborn cuddles.

Newborn baby boy wearing brown and cream striped, laying on a soft white backdrop at Nicole Everson Photography.

Brother was a complete charmer in these striped pants! During this pose, it was a joy for mom and me to watch him cuddled this way. We talked about how cute he was and his squishy face.

Newborn twins in a heart-shaped bowl, wrapped in sand-colored blanket.

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Over the years, as a Destin newborn photographer, I have had the privilege to photograph many babies. Some of them were born after a loss or after a long struggle with infertility. As a mom can personally relate to this and its one of the big reasons why newborn photos are so important to me. It is important to me to honor the babies moms didn’t get to hold. It is also important to me to honor the parents and to let them know I see their hearts.

I am so grateful that the surrogate was able to bless these parents with these two beautiful newborns.

Newborn baby boy photographed in a fuzzy blue outfit and cap. Newborn baby girl photographed in a fuzzy white outfit.
Newborn baby boy in a fuzzy blue outfit photographed at Nicole Everson Photography.
Newborn baby girl in a fuzzy white outfit, laying on a soft white backdrop photographed at Nicole Everson Photography.

It is so important to me as a newborn photographer to capture sweet moments like these for the parents of these sweet babies. It melts my heart to know that I had a special part in capturing them just as they were as tiny newborns.

Newborn twins snuggled together at Nicole Everson Photography. Sister is wearing cream-colored lace pants and a pink flower headband. Brother is wearing brown and cream striped pants.

If you are a parent who has experienced a loss, please know my heart goes out to you. If you are a parent who has struggled to have a baby, I see you.

Sweet little newborn boy snuggled on a blue backdrop wearing cream and navy striped pants.

Over the past 13 years, it has been a privilege to meet and talk to the parents with whom I can relate over these things. It is a beautiful thing when we can share our stories.

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