newborn photographed in destin and santa rosa beach

Destin Florida Newborn Photographer

I love being a Destin Florida newborn photographer! When I opened Nicole Everson Photography in 2007  it did not take me long to discover that newborn photography is where my heart is.

Over the last 12 years I have been blessed with four beautiful children. And watching my kids grow up so fast has really shown me just how priceless these moments are in life. Before you know it your little baby will be in middle school and you will be wondering where the last 12 years have gone!

So really the only question is where do you want your newborn photos to take place.

Beach Newborn Photography

Newborn pictures on the beach are stunning. And with Destin and 30a beaches being so pretty it is the perfect spot to photograph your little beach bum.

photographs of newborns photographed in Destin Florida on the beach

Garden Newborn Photography

Outside newborn photography is my specitaily. We are so blessed to live in a area that is warm enough to photograph newborns 10 months a year. We are sourounded by beautiful gardens, fields, and so many amazing locations to take your baby portraits outside.

newborns photographed outside in Destin FL by Nicole Everson Photography

Newborn Photography Studio

My newborn photography studio is located just outside of Destin in Santa Rosa Beach, just 4 miles from Sacred Heart making it super convenient for all my Destin clients who are wanting a studio newborn session. Come relax or take a nap while I snuggle your sweet baby.

new baby pictures photographed in Destin Florida

When to book your newborn photoshoot?

When possible I recommend you book your newborn session when you are still pregnant. You can book anytime during your pregnancy, but your sitting fee will not be due until your 3rd trimester. Once booked your due date goes on my calendar to help me keep tract of how many babies I have coming that month. Your newborn session will take place at 7-10 days old while your little baby is still nice and sleepy and new. If your baby is already born no worries I will do everything I can to fit your newborn in.

Designing your newborn photo shoot

Once you book your session you will fill out a questionnaire to help me get to know you better. Your favorite colors, style, and even any colors you do not like. Also where do you want your session to take place. You can choose to do your session completely in studio, completely outside or a mixture of both weather permitting. I love to tailor your session to your style.

What do I bring to my newborn sessions?

My newborn studio is fully loaded with props, knitted goodies, and all the beautiful accessories you see on my website. As a mom of four myself I know how hard those first few weeks are so it is my goal to make your portrait experience as easy as possible.

All you need to bring is that sweet baby, plenty of diapers and wipes, and milk. Newborns tend to eat more during newborn sessions so if you are bottle feeding make sure to bring a extra bottle. If you are comfortable with using a pacifier they come in handy soothing a baby from pose to pose. Also I love incorporating mom and dad in a few portraits. So if you would like parent shots just bring a neutral top for both of y’all.

How long does a newborn photoshoot last?

A newborn session typically lasts 2 1/2 hours, but can run up to 4 hours for babies that need extra time. A petite newborn session lasts 1 hour.

If would like to book your session or learn more please fillout the contact form below.


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Have any questions or ready to book?

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