Britton | Tallahassee Florida Baby Photographer

Britton | Tallahassee Florida Baby Photographer

I first met Lyndsi when I did her and her twin sister’s senior portraits, and I was so excited to hear she was expecting a little girl! Britton is such a sweet baby! We go to church together so I have been watching this little thing grow up, and I was so excited to get the opportunity to photograph her 6 month portraits (well 2 weeks shy of 6 months.. lol but who is counting.. lol) We meet up this morning for her session, and Lyndsi was so excited to see the pix, I just had to do a sneak peak for her.. Britton is totally laid back, she made us WORK for her smiles (yah the older I get the more I realize I am just not cool anymore.. lol) but when this (not so little) princess smiles it lights up the room… ahh well worth all the silly faces.. lol She reminds me of my daughter at that age, Abigail was a TOTAL Chunky Monkey L ahhh I miss those days.. she is so big now, and starting VPK next week!

Nicole “Hey what milestones is Britton doing (sitting crawling etc.)”

Lyndsi “Well she will sit for a min, but falls over really fast”

Nicole “Well have you tried to tri-pod her?”

Lyndsi “Tri-pod???”

Nicole “ohh yah it’s a trick to help babies sit up.. I bet she will sit like a champ!!”

Let me just say she was a CHAMP!!!! lol… I have to say she is the 6th baby that has sat up for the first time for me! I think it is quite an honor! She sat up the entire session, and fell 2x but that’s because the little stinker was trying to eat grass.. lol

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