Beautifual momma | Chipley Florida Maternity Photography

Hollie, has to be the sweetest PE teacher I have ever met… When I was growing up all my PE teachers, were so stern, and strict, but she was a ball of laughs, and we had a blast at her session last weekend..  This beautiful momma is expecting her 2nd baby boy, and by the looks of her first born son, I bet this little man is going to be a looker!!! When my (almost) 3 year old saw his picture, she called him a pretty boy.. lol it cracked me up but it is WAYYYYYY to soon for my princess to think boys are pretty.. lol

I cannot wait to meet this little man in mid April, I am so exited about all the little boys due this year, last year it seams like everyone was having girls, and this year has a lot of boys!!! lol

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