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I love this kid! He has the sweetest smile and most adorable baby rolls! It was so great to take this little guy, his brother and dad outside and get these dudes in their natural habitat. I love getting kids outside – and let’s face it, they love being outside too, am-I-right? This was such a fun session, I loved getting to capture all three of these guys!


This little dude was such a blast to work with! He was silly, funny and ridiculously adorable. I can’t get enough of his shining eyes! He’s a little rascal who is ready to move but I was grateful to capture a few pictures of his sweet spirit before he could scamper away!



This is the cutest little foursome of a family, they were so much fun to work with and their two little gentlemen-in-training were fabulous. I love getting to capture brotherly-love and these little guys were all for it! These are two happy kids, two loving parents and one exquisite family!


18 months old is one of the most challenging ages to photography but it is one of my favorite!! I love all the sassy personalities, and strong willed toddlers. Yes I know I am crazy, but it is so much fun to see a moms face when she realizes that we have captured her child’s personality perfectly!


Look at how absolutely adorable this little one is! He is total perfection if you ask me. Loved all his sweet laughs and smiles and can’t wait to see him again.


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