Anyone who knows me knows just how much I am obsessed with babies, so it is no shock that baby photography is such a large part of my photography business. Even as a little girl I was always caring around at least one baby doll pretending to be a mommy.

Over the last 13 years as my photography business and family has grown my love for photographing little babies has just gotten bigger.

Nothing is sweeter then the gummy toothless smile from a little baby. nothing.

My photography studio offers baby photography at any age, but I do recommend having your baby photographed every 4 or 6 months. These ages perfectly capture all the milestones in your babies first year of life.

newborn pictures

The newborn baby stage is all about capturing them fresh and snuggly. Newborns have a small window when they are super sleepy and snuggly. I photograph newborns between 7-10 days old unless they have been in the NICU then they are photographed within a few days of comping home. If you have missed this window don't worry. Your session can be modified for an older newborn.

newborn photographed by Nicole Everson Photography destin florida



4 month baby pictures

4 months old is such a fun age for babies! At this point they are starting to smile. Babies are pushing themselves up on their belly and getting good at tummy time. Eye contact is really good, and they love snuggling with mommy and daddy.

4 month old baby girl photographed by Nicole Everson Photography



6 month baby pictures

At 6 months a baby is really good at pushing themselves up on their tummy, they are grabbing their feet, most are tri-poding or beginning to sit, and that are starting to crawl.

pictures of a 6 month old baby boy in destin



8 month baby pictures

At 8 months babies are sitting great, crawling, grabbing their toes, and crawling.

8 month old baby portraits



12 month baby pictures

1st birthday pictures are so special. Its crazy how much they grow in one year! At 12 months babies, are sitting, crawling, sometimes even standing and walking. They are quite busy little ones so I like to make some fun and do birthday cake smashes during their 1st year portraits.

1st birthday pictures in destin fl smash cake photoshoot in destin florida


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Baby photography | Booking process

You can either book one session at a time, or sign up for one of my grow with me plans. they are designed to photograph your little baby throughout the first year of their life.

Baby photography | preparing for your session

Your babies session can take place 100% in studio 100% outside or a mixture of both.

My two studios are located in Chipley Florida, and Santa Rosa Beach Florida. but I offer outside baby photography all over the Florida panhandle from Destin to Tallahassee all the way up to Dothan Alabama for no extra charge.

Baby photography | After your session

Within one week of your session (usually two business days), I will have your portraits edited and ready for you to come to the studio to place your order. As a mom, I understand how hard it is to wait to get pictures of our babies, so if you order the CD you will be able to walk out of your ordering appointment with your CD in hand. Your portraits (canvases, prints, bamboos etc) will all be mailed to you within a week. If you live more then a hour away from the studio you can opt for an online ordering appointment.

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