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Being a baby photographer Tallahassee Florida is such a blessing! I love that I am able to photograph sweet little babies. And everything that makes them so special. I love watching my clients families grow, and being here every step of the way to document these special moments. This sweet Little baby girl has eyes that can melt a heart of stone!!! This sweet little thing is one of my grow with me babies. and I love seeing her every few months for updated baby pictures.. She came to see me just as winter was turning to spring so we had to sneak outside for some portraits. Her big brother was also one of my grow with me babies, so of course we had to get a few updated shots of him now that he is a big boy.

Zach was a feisty baby.. He always gave me a run for my money. But his sweet smiles always melted my heart. Since his mamma struggled with infertility like I did I have always felt a certain connection with her. When anyone spends years on that infertility roller coaster, and prays month after month for a miracle. Something inside of you changes. For me I think for the better. I can think of many times in the last 10 years since I become a mom how my infertility has helped me appreciate the hard times of parenting.  And helped me keep slow down and soak in every moment.. The hard times are a blessing when you remember praying for everything that parenting brings..

When Zach was just a little over a year old and Mandy called me to tell me she was expecting again I cried with her!! What a blessing these sweet babies are!! Sweet Lila has been a feisty one just like her big brother. I love every moment of having to act like a goof ball to make them smile. This sweet family has a extra special place in my heart.


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  1. Ugh I absolutely love these. So breathtaking. You captured them so well, their personalities really jump out! 

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