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Monthly Archives: February 2014

This beautiful Momma was glowing at her maternity session with the light hitting her just right. Dad and brother are so excited to meet this new little one and this gal can’t wait either!


When this sweet girl arrived, my studio turned into a magical place with her being the Princess. This cutie was a ball of energy with a contagious laugh. I had a blast being as silly as can be to capture that beautiful smile of hers and am thrilled at how her images turned out.


This yummy baby was super squishy and sweet. He did so well in my studio and I captured some amazing shots. Before Momma knows it, he will be running around with his big brother doing all that fun boy stuff..  Until then, I look forward to seeing him in my studio at his four month session.


This sweet little girl was very well behaved and slept like a champ. She has three adorable big brothers to look after her. I’m looking forward to getting Shiloh back into my studio at her four month session to see just how much she’s grown!!!



This sweetheart totally melted my heart. He arrived at my studio not feeling so hot & wasn’t sharing his sweet smile with me, so I advised Momma to bring him back when he was feeling more like himself. They came back to me a week later and he turned out to be an absolute dream.


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