maternity photos

Everything about pregnancy is magical! ok, maybe not so much the first signs of pregnancy like morning sickness. But pregnancy itself is amazing. From the moment I got my positive pregnancy test I started planning my maternity photos. 

For 9 months I dreamed about how my sweet baby would look, and when my 3rd trimester came the last thing I wanted to do was in getting in front of the camera. 

So as a maternity photographer, I have made it my mission to make my new moms look and feel amazing! I have over 50 maternity gowns for you to choose from. In every shape, size, color and modesty standard. Some moms feel sexy and want to show some skin. other moms love my maternity gowns with sleeves because they do not like their arms. Don't worry no matter your style I have something for you.

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Newborn Photographer

I love being a newborn photographer. Over the last 11 years, I have photographed hundreds of newborns, and have really found my style of newborn photography. As a mom of three, I know just how fast the newborn stage is gone. I wish we could make them stay babies forever but the sad truth is they grow up way to fast. This is why I have made the focus of my photography studio on newborns and babies. 

I recommend you book your newborn photoshoot while you are still pregnant. And then I will photograph your infant at 7-10 days old.  This allows me to take pictures of your sweet baby while they are still nice and sleepy, and still snuggly. I call this womb style newborn photography.

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Baby Photography

Baby photography is so close to my heart. As a mom of three little girls myself I know just how fast they grow up. I like to plan my grow with me plans (or baby first year plans) around your babies milestones. I recommend doing either.

newborn | 4 month | 8 month | 1 year

newborn | 6 month | 1 year

We start with newborn photos. These take place between 7-10 days old to capture that new baby look. 

4 month old pictures is the perfect young baby age. At this point, your baby is pushing up on their forearms and can lift their head. This is also perfect because babies are starting to smile, and make good eye contact.

6 month old photos or as some call it sitter sessions are perfect for when babies are just starting to sit, or tripod. They are grabbing their feet and holding their head up really good. 6 month old babies are super smiley and their gummy smile melts me.

8 month old pictures babies are sitting up really well, and are crawling. They love to eat their feet and play.

1 year old session are so much fun. Some babies are standing and even walking. I love to do updated family pictures at one year, and I love doing smash cake sessions at the end of their portraits.

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Senior Photos

Senior photos are so personal to me. When I was a high school senior we only did the formal drape picture for the yearbook. OK I know I'm aging myself a bit, but I LOVE how we embrace senior photography nowadays. Your senior pictures is the documentation of your last months as a child, embracing your first moments of adulthood. It's such an exciting and scary time in life, and I love to celebrate that.

I personally love the creative challenge to photograph whatever is unique and special about every one of my seniors. I love to discover your style, and personally and let that inspire your senior photoshoot

Senior photography is so much fun, one of my favorite picture locations is downtown Dothan. Our historical downtown makes the coolest backdrop. But hey if you want to drive a little and go somewhere different I travel all over the FL Panhandle and 30A for no extra charge. I pride myself in doing whatever it takes to make your dreams come true

 I recommend all seniors bring 3-4 outfit changes. There are no rules! Just be you and let's have some fun! Bring as many outfits as you would like. And go crazy with the accessories. The sky is the limit. I want you to express your style.

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Wedding Photographer

Nothing is more amazing than being a wedding photographer. It's such an honor to be apart of so many amazing wedding days. Weddings never get old to me. I still tear up at every father daughter dance. I still get excited everytime a groom sees his bride for the first time.

As a wedding photographer, it is soooo important to me that I connect with my brides and grooms. You will spend more time with your wedding photographer on the day of your wedding than anyone else. so it is so important to me to make sure there is a real connection.

I take the fly on the wall approach to all wedding days. As a photographer, it is important that I do not miss a single moment, but it is also so important to make sure the day is all about the love my bride and groom share.

I am inspired by genuine emotions and real moments. For this reason, I do not believe in recreating fake moments. For all my formal posed portraits I set up my brides and grooms in flattering light and poses and then interact with them to get real laughter, real snuggles, and real moments. 

It is so important to me that every one of my images are not just beautiful but also evoke a memory of my bride's wedding day.

Dothan Alabama

Dothan Alabama Photographer


Dothan Alabama is an amazing little city located in the southeastern quarter of AL close to both the FL and GA line. And just 35 minutes north of my Chipley FL studio. Known as the peanut capital of the word this amazing area produces most of the peanuts for us. Dothan AL is the hub of a huge farming community. Right outside of our amazing city, you will see farms mile after mile. All these amazing farms give us unlimited photo shoot locations! One of my favorite things about the city of Dothan is how much they pride good ole southern values and southern hospitality.


If you have ever been to Dothan, or anywhere in the wiregrass you know why I love being a Dothan photographer. The Wiregrass is known for the Botanical gardens. A breathtaking escape away from the city full of walking trails lined with lush green trees, and flowers everywhere. The botanical gardens also are an amazing location for a garden wedding.


Another favorite location is Landmark park a historical preservation. You will step back in time to experience Alabama from the good ole days. Now only is landmark park a really cool place to take your kids for a fun faily day, but they have a amazing barn perfect for any elagant country wedding.

As much as I LOVE photographing in all the lush gardens and fields Dothan has my FAVORITE downtown!! Foster street is horstic downtown, and has the most amazing vintage brick buildings. Walking downtown every where you look you are trasported to old Albama. Its a photographers dream come true!


For those who are intrested in a photography studio portrait session my main studio is located just 35 minioutes south of Dothan in the peaceful town of Chipley. Perfect for thise winter months when its to cold outside, or for anyone who perfers a studio session.



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newborn photography | investment

petite newborn session

A petite newborn photoshoot is a 60-minute session with 10-12 images in a CD. Due to the shorter time frame of this session most or all of your images will be wrapped depending on how sleepy your baby is. This smaller newborn session is $500.

mini newborn session
baby boy newborn photos

full newborn photoshoot

2-4 hour newborn photoshoot (average 2 1/2 hours) with 25-35 images captured (8-12 different setups). Full newborn photo shoots start at $550. Most clients spend between $600-$950.